Monday, September 8, 2008

Fools at City Hall

You know what I don't understand? How Canadians can sit around bashing the Chinese bureaucracy, while they themselves are so ridiculously inept. Let me explain.

There's a new garbage collection policy for Toronto. The city's rolling out these new garbage bins, that we have to pay for, in a bid to reduce garbage. Noble and all, but it's the implementation of the policy that shows how 3rd-rate this city's administrators are.

We had a problem in our condo. I live in a townhouse, and the bins are too large to fit in our garbage room. My car is in the garage, so the bins won't fit there either. So, our brilliant condo "president", Sam, calls a meeting with the local councillor to try to convince him to exclude us from the program. Now, let's be clear. Sam's an absolute prick. Give him any title, and he walks around like it actually means something. So predictably, he makes a huge deal out of the meeting. The councillor shows up, and more or less tells Sam to go f*ck himself. The policy is city-wide and there are no exceptions.

So, we don't have a choice but to order the new bins. We received a small one 2 weeks ago, only to get a letter saying that it was a mistaken delivery. So, the city came to pick up the new bins last week. And now today, we get another letter from the city asking why we havn't sent in our order forms yet. But you took the bins back!! So what happens now?

This city is f*cked, let's be clear about that. You have absolute dipshits running these policies, with no clue how. I'd like to know who thought up this brilliant plan, and turn his ass inside out. It's ridiculous, considering that it's just a matter of garbage disposal. We've received countless letters, we're faced with an annual fee to take out the garbage...why not call it as it is: another tax. Toronto councillors, cut the shit, and put this policy in place already! And everyone thought Toronto DESERVED to apply for the Olympics? F*ck me, the city isn't even ready to hand out new garbage bins.

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