Monday, September 8, 2008

Rumble at Rogers

Had to go to Rogers today, the one on Finch/Leslie to pick up a new phone. Apparently, my father was biking, flipped over the handlebars, sat on his phone and............cracked the screen. Of course, I'm the one that has to wipe up after him.

It was supposed to be a simple pick-up. Switch SIM cards, sign the new contract, thats it. Until the couple behind us started arguing with the staff there. A simple disagreement about something turned into a shouting match, which got the guy helping us involved. His name was Danny. Danny looks over, and basically tells the couple to shut the f*ck up because they have no clue what they're talking about. Of course, that pisses them off even more, and the little man starts gesticulating wildy. Danny gets upset because the little man is pointing at him, and walks over, right in front of him to put him in his place.

At this point, I look over at my mother, and she has this really worried look on her face. I know she wanted to get up and tell Danny to take it easy and let it go. I think she thought he was going to punch the little man out. Me? I was giggling and smiling. Really wanted to see them rumble. But, Danny remained professional, and the little man gave up. Oh, and it was totally the little man's fault. His wife really didn't help, screaming rabidly that "The customer is always king!" To which Danny replies, "Yes, but sometimes the customer doesn't know anything." Touché my friend.

Damn, I really wanted to see a rumble. Danny wasn't a big guy, but he would have gangbanged the little man. Damn, I wanted to see a rumble!!!!!!

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