Monday, September 8, 2008


Whoa, so much hate. What, with the near-fight yesterday and the deal with the garbage bins today. Let's go back to what these pieces are supposed to be and drink and food and happiness.

Drank a few ales. I want to learn more about beer in general, because there has to be more than Coors and Corona and all that generic nonsense. Everyone drinks beer but the vast majority - and I mean the VAST majority have no clue what they're drinking. Why do people drink beer so cold? Because they don't like the taste of it. Cold strips the taste, so icy cold is perfect for people who drink beer just for the sake of drinking beer.

Let's talk about Smithwicks ale. It's from Ireland, I don't know much about ales, so let's drink a couple and see. Beautiful dark colour, but still luminous. Correct me should I be wrong, but the quality of a beer is determined by its foamy head, no? The foam should leave a residue down the glass, instead of just disappearing. And always be careful of extra large bubbles. It's like Champagne - you want fine bubbles for a finer texture.

The hops of this beer give it such nice complexity, and a velvet texture in the mouth. Drinking it only slightly chilled brings out a lot of the yeasty flavours, and a certain nuttiness. And it goes wonderfully with food. We had pan-seared short ribs. The soy sauce/oyster sauce marinate made it sweet, and it just brought out the sweetness of the beer, while removing any trace of bitterness on the finish. Completely smoothes out the texture. Beautiful.

So try different things. Beer goes wonderfully with food. Will search for more ales. I wonder if LCBO sells that magnificent Boddington's Pale Ale I had a while ago. Definitely one of my favourite beers.

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