Saturday, September 20, 2008


You know, I've been sleeping 9 hours every night, but still have trouble getting up in the morning. I can conclusively say that I am NOT a morning person. Never was, and I don't think I ever will be. My father can bitch all he wants about it, I just can't wake up in the morning. I'm forever like a 16 year old, who can never get enough sleep. neck and shoulders are hurting. This reclining position I'm in right now can't be helping it either. It's getting chronic - it's always the same spot that hurts, if I don't sleep on my pillow properly, or if I don't take care of my posture when I work out. We need more of those medicated bandage strips.

Bought more of 2007 Flat Rock Cellars Riesling today. I've tasted previous vintages, and you know how I feel about Flat Rock in general. One of my favourite producers, whose wines are very dear to me. Wine to put away. I have a few bottle of their pinot noir stored away as well. Stelvin closures are excellent for young wines - the question now is how well do they age? There really is no documented evidence of it, so it's up to people to age the wine themselves to judge. My take is that they won't, because of different levels of additives, like sulphur, that they use for stelvin. Just my opinion.

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