Monday, September 29, 2008


Seasons are changing, weather is cooling, what to drink? Or rather, what would I like to drink?

Top of the list - robust red wines. That bottle of 199 Ch. Musar. Oh, the wonderful things I've heard about it! A 205 Lailey Pinot Noir, to contrast with the 206 I had earlier. My St. Joseph's - I believe I have a 199 Yves Cuilleron somewhere. And of course, more port and Sauternes, although it may be a shame to drink them so soon.

But most of all - I'd like a secure source of income.

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  1. lol what a coincidence, I've been recently following your blog too (off facebook) and have been enjoyin it =p

    It's inspired me to write more and write better.

    Yeah Malleck's an awesome prof; he makes the course feel more like a conversation than anything else. you musta really enjoyed it too...