Friday, September 26, 2008


The TTC, The Better Way, The Red Rocket, all that corporate nonsense, took me for an adventure yesterday. Got on the subway at King Station around 5:15, car inched forward, and I was screwed.

It was crawling through the stations, when I heard the operator say that they had delays at Eglinton St. Not a surprise - there's always delays and there's always something wrong at Eglinton. It wasn't until we got to Yonge, 30 min later, that I knew something was seriously wrong. And btw, King to Yonge usually takes 5 min.

We were told that there were signal problems, that the entire Yonge line was shut down from Bloor to Lawrence. That there would be shuttle buses to take us there. Only, they didn't tell us what was really wrong, and how to even get onto these buses. The toll collector was getting mobbed, so he scurried back to his booth, locked the door, and told everyone through his speaker that you had to go out on Yonge St. to get on the bus.

I walked up to street level, saw the crowd, and said there's no f*cking way I'm getting on these buses. Literally thousands upon thousands of people milling around Bloor and Yonge. It was madness. Decided the only way was to call my father to come get me. I walked west to Avenue Rd., then up north past St. Clair. Walked for 45 minutes, sweaty and tired, finally saw my father, got back on the 401 and home in 20 min. TTC can go to hell.

And I wasted a $2.75 token. I don't understand why and how the TTC is so pathetic. There's not a day without some kind of disruption or delay. It turns out 46 m of cable fell onto the track just south of Eglinton. Can you imagine if this shit happened in Shanghai or Tokyo? And where is the head of the TTC? If this happened in a major city, they'd have the guy's nuts on a f*cking chopping board. Stop talking about Toronto as if it's a world class city, because clearly it is lacking. Dammit, I'm pissed I voted for David Miller. We need Mel Lastman!! Mayor Mel please come back!!!!!!!!!

Look at these ridiculous transfers they handed out. What kind of modern, civilized transportation system still uses f*cking newsprint transfers??!!

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