Sunday, September 21, 2008

Upset stomach the night before

My stomach hasn't been feeling well all day. Weird. I never have stomach issues.

Got up at 10am this morning to go to church with my parents. Havn't been up so early on a Sunday in years. Kind of gave in because when you're unemployed and not contributing to the family, you have no say in anything. It was nice seeing everyone there again, but I forgot what the pastor was talking about already, just like 75% of the people who were there. I'm sorry, it just wasn't enlightening material.

Drank some good wines this weekend. Will talk about them later, because I'm tired, and getting ready to shower then sleep. Getting up early tomorrow. Excited to be doing something again.

Washed my car today. It's so therapeutic, washing your car. At least it is for me. Took my time, as usual, detailing everything. My neighbours think I'm really anal, because I scrub my rims with a toothbrush, but what can you say - it's all in the details.

I should post some more pictures up. Kind of getting tedious with all the writing, no?

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