Friday, October 10, 2008

2000 Pol Roger

I had a busy day today. Rushed all over the place, it seems. Went to Bayview Village, to get those cooking wines. Today's a release day, and I was looking for the 2000 Pol Roger Brut Rose. I love Pol Roger - it's the only luxury Champagne that I buy. And this bottle was luxurious - I hate talking prices, but this was the most expensive single bottle of wine I've bought, at $95. Yeah, it hurts.

Bayview Village didn't have it, so I had to get out to the Avenue Road location. I hate going to Avenue. The ethnicities that live there are.....uncivilized. Won't go into specifics because I'll definitely come across as racist.

But I got the wine! Lovely bottle of Champagne, which I promptly put away into storage, to open on a momentous occasion. Can you believe the nerve of the cashiers at Avenue? The woman looks at me and says "Would you like a gift bag with that?" What, you HAVE to be old and wrinkly and white to buy wine over $15? Go f*ck youself.

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