Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ahh, Cahors!

I love searching out obscure wines from obscure regions, forgotten among the all the generic shit that's being pumped out and bought by the millions. One of these regions is Cahors, which I discovered a few years ago.

Cahors is one of those wines that is stylistic. My mother doesn't really like it. But to me, it's a glorious example of what malbec is, and is wonderful with food and some bottle age. I try to sample every bottle of Cahors that LCBO sells, which isn't a lot. Too bad.

I drank a bottle of 2006 CH. Les Roques, AC Cahors, Friday night. Beautiful saturation, deep red right to the rim. A wonderful nose of dark red berries, black fruits, jammy currants, spice, and this meaty character. Develops some minty aromas, which I find quite typical of Cahors. A very tight core, but good acidity and intensity on the palate. Smooth, slighty bitter finish.

A dark, brooding
wine that's still so young, so vibrant, and so intense. This wine is representative of everything I love about Cahors. No wonder Alexandre Dumas would write about it.

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