Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another mulberry

I wrote about my mulberry wine my relatives made for us a while ago. I love this wine - fresh ripe mulberry soaked in rice spirits - we`re talking about a 55-60% alcohol liquor. The wine I had last time was wonderful...syrupy and light violet in colour, so complex with ripe berries and dark chocolate in the mouth. Finished it a while ago, so I opened another batch we had made a few years ago.

This one wasn`t as well-made. The fruit obviously wasn't as ripe. Golden in colour, leaner in the mouth. Bitterness of the spirits remain. The fruit has this vegetal, herbacious quality to it. The real treat when you drink this stuff is to eat the fruit. The fruit soaks up the liquor, so it's actually stronger than the actual drink. I ate 8 of them before I left for Rocky's place, so I was pretty good and buzzed. So interesting.


  1. but it seems I was out sooner than you

  2. lol, buzzed, not drunk. i was in the mood to drink though, did you notice by how i showed up at your door cradling a bottle of whisky?