Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blue Crab

It's crab season. Live blue crabs, fresh from the supermarket. Usually it's my father who does the preparation, but I guess it's about time I did it. He doesn't get it as clean as I'd like, and despite what he thinks, cleaning crabs isn't as hard as it seems.

The trick is to know their blind spots. Pick them up from behind, and they're helpless. People usually only brush the outside, but like a shrimp, you have to get rid of any waste inside the body. Fold back the rounded part on the backside of the crab. At this point, it'll really start struggling and kicking. Press down, and there's this black line of excrement that shoots out. Get rid of it all, because you definitely don't want to be eating shit.

Look at this monster: A big one that didn't put up much of a fight.

It was this little f*cker that was the most trouble. Never underestimate the little ones. This one was a terror - f*cker almost bit me a couple of times and I was struggling to hold its claws down.

Look at it: 2/3 the size of most of the other crabs and it's clearly the most aggressive. Climbed right out of the bowl.


  1. i had a full barrel of these when i visited my uncle in DC. Those were fresh from the catch too...soooo gooooood

  2. Must have been delicious. You know how when you go to Chinese supermarkets, they never take out the really fresh ones until the crabs outside are all dead? My mother started bitching at the guy working there because he refused to take out another basket of fresh ones. She put that motherfcker in his place.