Monday, October 20, 2008


It's cold.

Just went through, deleted more than 80% of my MSN contact list. Let's be real - no one talks to more than 10 people on their list, if that much at all. Some people have this obsession about building up their list, as if more contacts translates into more.......popularity. Same goes for Facebook.

A lot of news is startling to trickle in from Bordeaux about the 2008 vintage. Of course, the proprietors and winemakers have an unbridled enthusiasm about this year's growing season. I've read about comparisons with 1983, which was quite a charming vintage. Of course, any vintage anywhere near 1982 is going to be overshadowed, but are we saying that 2008 is 1983's modern equivalent?

2005 was glorious, and 2006 was decent.....but by all accounts, 2007 was awful for red wines. The quality of the white wines was fairly hyped - for my own sake, I hope the quality meets the hype. 80% of my 2007 Bordeaux futures order was in white wines. Prices need to come down for consumers to be confidant in buying Bordeaux again. Come on, this is getting ridiculous. When you look at the prices for 2007 red wines, the fact that they were so high in a poor vintage makes you want to give up and stick to drinking exclusively New World.

Obviously, we'll have to wait until April 2009, when the tastings begin, to gauge the quality of this vintage. If it's as poor as expected, then prices should reflect that. I don't know how my finances are going to be next year, but I will give up buying Bordeaux if the only product they produce is greed.

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