Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bye Monsieur Dion

Woke up this morning to a piece in the paper about Stephane Dion doing what everyone's been pushing him to do since last week's election. I've been disgusted not just at the Tories, but now at the Liberals as well for openly forcing him to resign, and blaming their pathetic election results on Dion. Absolutely disgusting and wrong.

Dion was a decent man. Everyone wants an honest politician, someone who speaks the truth - well, here he is, and you just f*cked him over. Monsieur Dion doesn't bullshit, is to the point with his words, and is brutally honest. So what happened?

Are Canadians so f*cking out of touch that they have an issue with his English? He's a French speaker, for f*ck's sake. Why don't you try speaking French and see how that turns out for you?

His carbon tax was revolutionary, and really could have propelled Canada into the forefront of the environmental movement. But the upper middle class and above are so f*cking fat and comfortable that any hit to their income won't be tolerated. No one understands that it's sometimes painful to do the right thing. No one understands that yet. I have a family friend, the neo-con, who argues every time for the Tories/Republicans. Let me tell you one thing: you're full of shit. You're living comfortably now, with a big house, new mid-class luxury sedan, child still years away from University. In other words, why should you suffer for the benefit of this country? The days of sacrificing for the greater good are long, long, long gone.

Monsieur Dion was willing to sacrifice for the good of Canada's future generations. He understood that. Too bad the majority of Canadians, Liberal party included, are so f*cking obtuse that they can't see that. Liberals are done. They had one of the best representatives in Monsieur Dion and they tossed him under the bus. Blaming him for the election loss? You're out of your f*cking minds. Dion was man enough to admit that it was his fault. He's still taking hits for his cancer of a party on his way out. Bravo, Monsieur Dion.

In two years, tops, we'll have another election and I guarantee you that I'll still be blogging and running my mouth off. In that time, I'll have to take a good look at whether I'll be voting Liberal again. It's a sad day for the country, and for democracy.


  1. i agree w/ the carbon tax.. its actually right on in efficiency.. put a uniform tax and tax everyone and then take that money and it give it back to low- middle income houses PLUS you get the underground econ to pay taxes as well

  2. I totally agree. Although, I was skeptical about his claim that he would offset the carbon tax with an income tax decrease. Anyways, I'm just upset at how Dion was treated by the Liberals. If Bob Rae becomes the next party leader, I swear I'm never voting Liberal again.