Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Complicated Water

Does anyone drink tap water anymore? I never did, my family never did - my father was always quite anal about water. We installed a soft-water filter, so all the tap water in the house has reduced solvents already. We cook only with Brita water. We drink only boiled Brita water. That makes it 3 levels of filtration. As I said, anal.

But I've always loved sparkling water. We try never to buy bottled still water, because I think it's a huge waste and it tastes terrible. But sparkling's just something about the bubbles. It tingles your palate, wakes you up, freshens you. I drank a lot of Perrier during my trip to Nice - the French really love it. It's funny, sparkling water in French is described as avec gasse. So when a few of the waiters tried to ask me in English, it came out as you want water with gas or no?

Does it make a difference? Different brands of sparkling water? I mean, fundamentally, water doesn't have any taste. How can you justify charging so much for water then? I understand if it's some Spanish spring water that's naturally carbonated, but for Perrier and Pellegrino, who pumps in CO2 when they bottle, like Coke, I just don't see how they justify charging so much. Anyways.

I love Pellegrino. It has that slight saltiness/minerality that makes it interesting. And when you're making a Mojito, nothing else will do.


  1. I often describe carbonated water as salty (mineral), and you're the first to understand. Usually I just get funny looks.

  2. Yeah, doesn't it have that salty quality to it? Lol, I don't know how you CAN'T taste it. Lucy, how come you stopped posting on your blog, we're getting impatient for the next post!!