Thursday, October 16, 2008


Did anyone watch the final Presidential Candidate Debate? I did.

You know, I supported John McCain. I though he was battle-tested soldier, experienced Senator, and generally had good judgement over the direction that the US had to go. After watching this debate, there was no doubt left that I was wrong.
Politics is a dirty game. No one tells the truth - that's just the nature of politics. So when you have these 2 men up there talking about their policies, it's all empty words. What it comes down to is personalities. Which person do you think shows better leadership attributes, and can handle the responsibilities of running the world's most powerful country.

Not this f*cking clown on the right. The campaigns of both men have been getting uglier and uglier, but McCain took it to even lower levels during the debate. Completely uncalled for, and they didn't work - they just showed everyone the cynical old fool that he is.

Bringing up Joe the Plumber. Who the f*ck gives a shit about a plumber? How is a plumber representative of the largest demographic in America, the middle-class? McCain mentioned the guy about 21 times, without making a single convincing point. Small-business owners (which Joe is not) are not the majority. Obama makes a convincing point - he will raise taxes for people who make more than $250K a year, and lower them for those who don't.

McCain talks about helping people keep their mortgages, and working to raise housing prices so that those homeowners will actually end up making a profit. Are you f*cking out of your mind? People's life savings have disappeared, bank's are cutting off all credit, the housing market is in the shit, and you have the balls to say you're going to help people make a profit off their houses? People are defaulting on their mortgages and getting kicked out!!! Help those poor f*ckers out first!

When the question got to running mates, that's where the fun began. I love Obama's choice of Joe Biden. McCain actually went on to say he was proud of Palin, and that she was a proven reformer. how she abused the power of the Governer's office to fire her ex brother-in-law from a state job? Or how her husband spends 50% of his time in her office, and sits in on official meetings? Like how she says she refused funding for a bridge, implying that the money was returned, but that it actually still ended up going to Alaskan projects? Right. Stop pontificating about how great a family and a mother Palin is. She's not. Opposing abortion even in rapes and incest? Your 17 year old daughter getting pregnant a few months after you've given birth yourself? How typical. It's not a stereotype anymore when it becomes true. Palin fits the mold perfectly, and she's got that part of America down pat.

The debate got personal. Obama confronted McCain about his rallies, where people yelled out that Obama was a terrorist and called for his death. McCain had the nerve so say that the people who go to his rallies were patriots and great citizens. In translation, when a Republican says patriot, the rest of the world says redneck.

And hammering Obama about this nonsense about Ayers? Obama was f*cking 8 years old when Ayers was doing his shit!

The part that stood out the most to me was the line that Obama should have run 4 years ago. McCain was defending that he wasn't George Bush. Of course, McCain goes on to say that he's always sided with his party leader when passing legislation. McCain asks Obama whether he's ever sided with his Democrat leader. But didn't you just say that your policies are different from Bush? But you still voted to support him on 4 of 5 pieces of legislation? You senile fool.

The demeanor of both men was so telling. Obama was calm, respectful of the debate, and often nodded when he agreed with McCain. The old man smirked, rolled his eyes, and was foaming at the mouth when he was attacking, which was often in the most inappropriate places. It's clear who won the debate. Wake the f*ck up America! No need for further arguments about who's the better candidate.

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