Monday, October 13, 2008


Still digesting all the wonderful food we had last night for Thanksgiving. Ate and ate and ate...too bad the wine was awfully mediocre at best.

The turkey was cooked beautifully. Crispy skin, covering a juicy inside, absolutely delicious. We had a monstrous beast of bird - barely got through half of it.

I bought over a bottle of Rheingau Spatburgunder, which unfortunately, was mildly corked. Still drinkable, but......another bottle was brought out. One of those "homemade" wines. There's this place nearby that sells you grapes and the equipement - they make a homebrew for you, so you can tell your friends that you make your own wine. Cheap, imitation alcoholic juice at best. A wine with a "Brunello" lable on it that looks as dark as f*cking soy sauce? Do yourself a f*cking favour, get your money back.

Straight out of the oven

And here's our bird!

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