Friday, October 10, 2008


I disgraced myself today. I bought 2 bottles of cheap, mass-produced, generic wine today, the exact things that I said would never touch my palate. But there you go - desperate times calls for desperate measures.

Wait a minute...that makes things sound worse than it really is. I bought these wines for cooking, not for drinking. But it didn't reduce the shame. I, David Fang, was buying wine from the generic wine section of the LCBO.

I need cooking wine, because shellfish are in season, and white wine is a must for steaming. I'm not about to spend more than $10 for a cooking wine, so I wanted to find something cheap, yet not hideous.

This is what I came up with. Both are 1 litre containters - on the left, we have a screwcap and on the right, we have a tetrapak. Not promising. Both don't have vintages printed and both don't list the variety. All I know about the wine on the right is that it's a white table wine. I have no clue what's in it.

So there you go. The first and last time I'm buying this shit. And you know what happened? They asked me for ID at the cash! I NEVER get asked for ID!! That's what you get for buying cheap shit. Damn, I'm so ashamed.

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