Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dream Team

Anyone watch Bill Clinton and Barack Obama last night at the Florida rally? First time they've appeared together, in a final push before election.

Hearing Clinton speak made me nostalgic about the old days, when America had a real president in office. Clinton was a president who put sound economic policies first, who placed diplomacy first, and who presided over an administration that collectively made people's lives better. In twenty years, people will look back on the Clinton years and see what being a true statesman is all about.

I say statesman because that's what the next president should be. It's not just about healthcare policies, or an exit strategy, but about understanding what America's role in the international community is. We've gotten away from that - it's like leaders no longer have to care about foreign affairs. The precedent has been set under Bush: If people don't agree with us, we'll turn to the U.N. for economic sanctions and if that doesn't work, we'll bomb the bloody shit out of them. That's what's gotten America into this mess, and that's what will cause its downfall.

Clinton was a master diplomat. It's not about schmoozing people - it's about understanding and connecting with people about complex issues, about cultural sensitivity, and about realism. Bush and his f*cking ideology have gotten America nowhere, and McCain will lead you onto the same path.

Hearing Clinton speak reminded us about his masterful oratory abilities. When you have entire websites dedicated to documenting all the stupid things Bush says, there's clearly something wrong. A president has to represent his country in the best way possible, and Clinton was the greatest President the U.S. has seen since Roosevelt.

If only Clinton was on the ticket beside Obama. That would be a Dream Team indeed.

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