Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Election, Part III

I promise, this will be my last political post....................until the American election of course.

You know what the lowest thing Harper did, in his already putrid campaign? The most vile, childish political maneuver he pulled? Announcing that whoever lost the election would automatically relinquish leadership of their party.

This was a move to get Dion out of politics. Did anyone, Harper included, think that the Conservatives weren't going to get at least another minority? As much of a dumbshit as he is, Harper knew he was going to win - the question was by how much. His guarantee that he would resign as leader of the Conservatives was utter nonsense. His target was Stephane Dion.

This little man's actions are the political equivalent of killing a cat, gutting it, and then parading it through the neighbourhood. Totally unnecessary, totally unprofessional, and totally unbecoming of a true statesman. You've won already - why do you have to force someone out of a job? This is not the conduct of an honourable man. I hope you're all voted him in and now let's all hope that he doesn't make even more of a mess.


  1. have you seen sarah palin interview w/ katie couric? you will die laughing :)

  2. She's ridiculous isn't she? At least she's got the redneck vote down. And there's still people that support her!