Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall green

Went up to Algonquin this weekend, as I wrote about earlier. Freezing weather, danger of rain, and no fall colours - perfect conditions for a road trip up with 4 other families!

The park we went to was decent enough. But hiking on a day like this isn't exactly my thing. And this was the best looking tree we saw all day. Right in front of the parking lot too. Should have been smart about this and kept my ass in the car right from the start.

Afterwards, because we had a couple of kids in our group, we went apple picking. Listen - I loved apple picking.....10 years ago. I still do, but only because this farm seems quite organic, and the property seems well run. They let the grass grow between the trees, it's clean here, and the fruit is quite delicious. The Red Delicious apples are the most interesting to me. Thickest skin, and most grape-like in terms of flavour components. You have nice acidity, coupled with intense sweetness in the middle. The skin gives it this almost tannic bite on the finish. Who knew an apple could be so complex?

Look at how healthy the soil looks:

They replanted the property with new trees. I suppose it's like grapevines - they'll have to wait a few years before they start producing fruit.

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