Sunday, October 5, 2008


Guess what this is? We saw it at the park, and it was actually the highlight of my trip.

I'm fascinated with farm animals because I really believe that you need to understand where your food comes from. To me, a chef isn't a really chef unless he's gone through the experience of butchering his own animal. You gain a respect for what the animal is providing for you. Seriously, how many people today know what they're eating? You get shrink wrapped packages of meat and vegetables, all lined up and pretty for you in supermarkets. I mean, how many people would survive if they got sent on a farm, given a knife, and had to prepare a meal starting from something live. I still remember my grandmother teaching me how to kill a chicken. I've seen her do it as well - it's an interesting lesson, and something which we don't get to learn anymore.

What a beauty.

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