Thursday, October 30, 2008

In the books

Raptors win, Raptors win, Raptors win! Ohh, I miss Chuck Swirsky - Matt Devlin did a decent job, but really, who can replace the Swirsk?

Raptors looked good tonight, starting from the 2nd quarter that is. O'Neal was doing everything people expected him to do. Bosh and Calderon didn't really surprise. What surprised me was Roko Ukic. Didn't expect much out of him - didn't even see him coming off the bench as the first backup. But he did great - was poised, scored a little, made a few defensive errors, but was otherwise a solid backup.

I was waiting for Leo Rautins to start cussing out Dalembert. Must have killed him having to offer a few limp words of praise, and only because Dalembert blocked Bosh on 2 straight possessions. Why do we have to be damn politically correct on tv?

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