Monday, October 20, 2008


Dug up some photos from few years back. Second year photos, when we were living in UWP. Look at the garbage we were drinking. How irresponsible.

Remember this? It was the last day of exams, and we were chilling when Bebe wanted to get a drink. Somehow, we discovered that the vending machine was acting up - it kept pumping out bottle after bottle without charging anything. Yeah, as you can see, we pretty much emptied it out. We didn't even want this stuff....the flavoured water tasted like shit.

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  1. hahaa.. this pic brings back good memories...
    i feel so stupid i only drank one bottle out of all those. but i brought like half a dozen home. what a waste of my energy to carry them... hahaha, but then we felt so lucky when we emptied the vending machine. This is such a typical stupid thing me and serene will make you do… hahahaah