Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Not exactly in the mood this year to be happy about anything in particular. But, there will be big dinners to go to and lots of great food, so at least that'll be a bright spot. Cooked a big meal yesterday, with lots of seafood, paired with a rich, minerally Burgundy.

Wow, I've been on a tear recently havn't I? Too much cussing, which I apologize for. My friends will confirm that I do swear a lot, but somehow it always comes off harsher in print. No offense intended.

Did I mention I picked up 16 well-aged bottles of wine yesterday? This should last me until the new year. I'm drinking a lot less, but hopefully, I'm drinking better.

Feeling lazy today. It's a beautiful day outside, maybe I'll wash the car.

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