Tuesday, October 7, 2008

LCBO Discover

LCBO produces a series of video podcasts about wine that I find extremely interesting. Look into it. I particularly enjoyed the Discover series - well actually, I enjoyed 3 episodes out of the 8.

The first was The Wine Regions of Ontario. This goes through a few of the lesser known producers, which is a great focus. We should be looking away from Iniskillin and Jackson Triggs and all the big names to the smaller producers, because those are the wines that are going to make Niagara famous.

The second is The Art of Making Wine. This is actually quite a comprehensive look at winemaking. I learned a few new things. Just when you think you know enough about wine..................

The third video I loved was Wines of Alsace. Alsace is a part of the world that I definitely will visit. To me, Alsatian wines are sharp-edged, wonderfully structured and chiselled wines, that speak so much of the gravel and the slate and the mountains they're grown on. Absolutely delicious wines.


Check these videos out here.

I know everyone has an iPod so there`s no excuse

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