Sunday, October 5, 2008


Finally. After all that writing, we get to my lobster meal, prepared fresh.

Poached lobsters on a bed of sweet peppers, in a tomato/lobster stock sauce.

Lobsters were featured this week at the supermarket. Fresh, live, and in season. Bought two - we usually never cook lobsters ourselves. My mother doesn't really have a recipe for it, and it never really measures up to the beauties we ate in Nova Scotia.

Killing things is not that fun. You have to think it through and just do it methodically - and try not to prolong the suffering. I laid the lobsters flat on their backs, with legs in the air. Butcher knife in hand, I hacked the head cleanly in two, then cut the tail. Three separate pieces, and the claws. Remember to save the cloudy, grey blood and the soft matter in the head. Nothing wasted.

Tie the tails of the 2 lobsters together. Tie the severed portions of the head together. This keeps flavour, and helps it from breaking up in the water.

Poach in water flavoured with sea salt. Throw in some star anise, green onion, cooking wine. It's a quick process. Save the stock that you get out of it. Remember to taste - it's absolutely delicious. Full of flavour.

Put together your sauce. You're just using a hot pan, touch of olive oil, salt and pepper. Cut your sweet red peppers into nice strands, along with the tomatoes. Slightly sautee the pepper, throw in tomatoes. Let some of the water boil off, put in some butter to thicken and give it that richness.

Untie the lobsters. Separate the meat from the tails. Cut into medallions. I like to sear the lobster a bit before plating - gives the meat some firmness. Lay the sauce over.

Poached lobsters on a bed of sweet peppers in a tomato/lobster stock sauce, done.

I love the flavours - the sweetness and briny quality of the lobster, marries with the sweetness of the sauce. The richness complements the tender lobster meat - you can really taste the lobster here. Nothing's worse than overseasoning. Helps that the lobster was fresh. Too bad I didn't take pictures. I guess I was too busy eating. There's definite room for improvement - I like the flavours, just need to work on execution.

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