Sunday, October 26, 2008


Sometimes, the law is unreasonable. Sometimes, it's necessary to make your own sensible judgement.

If I didn't today, I'd be in a police station, in cuffs, locked up for a DUI. Even though I was and am still completely lucid. Sometimes, you just need to take a detour to make it home safe.

Let's be clear, I'm against drunk driving, in any form. I'm also against the police terrorizing innocent citizens in this over-zealous campaign to combat impaired driving. You know, it's a good system if the police have at least an average level of intelligence. The problem is, they don't. A few months ago, I was sitting with my father, who was driving. We came up on a road block, which always happens late at night, on weekends. Sheppard Ave., just west of Leslie. You know the bridge just past the Ikea and Canadian Tire? The stupid police always set up a road block there because you can't see it until it's too late to turn onto another street.

Anyways, my father was driving. I was pretty drunk, but he was sober as a f*cking stone. The cop explains the program they're doing, and asks my father if he's been drinking. My father answer yes, I've drank one beer tonight. The cop looks at me and says, What about you, are you ok? What the f*ck do you think? I reek of fine wine and barbequed pork. I answer, But I'm not driving, am I?! Dumb. Get a f*cking education because you`re just confirming the stereotype of the dumb shit policeman who only went to police academy because you couldn`t get into a real post-secondary institution.

Cops. Society can't do without them, but how come they do such a terrible job? I feel terrified whenever I have a drop of wine at a friend's place and I have to drive home. Patrol the streets of East York and Scarborough for the drunk drivers. Leave us decent uptowners alone.

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