Thursday, October 2, 2008

Outdated and obsolete

Been watching the U.S. Vice-Presidential Candidate debates. Look, I liked John McCain. I respect someone who's gone to war, and I honestly think that war veterans understand the sacrifice needed to make war on someone. If Bush actually fought in a war, he wouldn't get into conflict so easily, I really believe that.

But McCain dropped the ball on his VP pick. Come on, you're joking right? Absolute joke. I don't know how Palin can keep justifying the fact that being Governor of Alaska prepares her for VP. No foreign affairs experience, in fact, no big-time political experience either. And seeing her go against Joe Biden just proved the point. NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT ALASKA!! Biden was giving her the spanking of her life, it was just painful. Come on - how can someone so obtuse about international relations be VP. Come on America! Get your act together - you f*cked up for 8 years already, do something right, get the Democrats back into office!

Listen, the American statesman I respect the most? Henry Kissinger, no doubt. He was an intellect, a skilled international policymaker, and he redefined realpolitik. And despite what you might say, he was a great friend to China. You think it was a coincidence that he sat behind Bush at the 2008 Beijing Olympics? Elderly Chinese know a total of 3 white people - Norman Bethune, Jesus, and Henry Kissinger.

American politics have been going downhill ever since, except for that brief, titillating period when Bill and Lewinsky were fooling around. You know, the cigar and all.

I don't want to talk politics here, but this is just getting ridiculous. If Americans put the Republicans back into office after the showing this pair of nuts has put on, we're all f*cked. Seriously, we're f*cked, I can't stress that enough.

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