Saturday, October 11, 2008

Post No. 201

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I'm not doing anything, so I might as well write. With the mood around the house...better keep my mouth shut and keep to myself. Why don't I go out and do something? Well, it costs money to go out doesn't it?

Looking back on my previous 100 posts...a lot's happened hasn't it? I guess the most dramatic change is my outlook. I swear things didn't look so bad 100 posts ago, in July. Sigh.....what are you gonna do? What the f*ck are you going to do???

We just all need to keep our heads up. And hope that this horrible year doesn't go from just awful to the f*cking shits. My goodness, let's just get 2008 over with, please.

Next 100 posts - I'll definitely be talking about the wines I brought back from storage. An exciting point in saving them. And what's better than a great bottle of wine to bring a glimmer of joy, in an otherwise miserable time?

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