Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Random on a rainy day

It's getting cold, everything's starting to go into hibernation. Hopefully, so will my wine.

Ran 5 km yesterday. Not a lot, but I was exhausted after...why is it always easier to slack off than to keep at something hard?

I read a lot of wine publications - websites, blogs, newspaper, magazines......anything I can get my hands on. And I find that the most interesting are obviously the professional industry types, but also, the gifted enthusiasts who taste lots of fantastic wines and travel to exciting wine regions and vineyards. That's the stuff I want to read about. Trips to Bordeaux, Rioja, Bourgogne, Mosel......

And that's what's lacking in this space. La Cave de Fang is too......narrow-minded, common and just......boring. I admit, I wouldn't be interested either in reading this shit. Thanks so much for those of you that come back regularly, and I apologize. This is getting so damn boring.

Let me keep working at it. I'm going through a tough period, a wine drought if you will. I'm trying really hard to get myself out. This Friday, I'll be pulling some wines out of storage, to drink. Hopefully, there'll be some interesting things to talk about. Also, as I told my buddy Christie already, I'm planning for another trip to Niagara wine country around next February. In the meantime, bear with me - things will get better, I promise.


  1. Hey,

    I actually find your posts quite entertaining because you have a great writing style. I also love to hear the stuff you bitch about cause it makes me laugh.

    Plus your blog is geared towards wine, so it's totally understandable. It's for wine enthusiasts and you're giving your own unique perspective.

    On another note: I normally drink a lot, but never to enjoy the flavour. I'm interested in the feeling more than anything. Love just getting smashed, for me the cheaper the better.


    Last night, I went to Wildcraft and had some quality wine - don't ask me what it was, I wouldn't know - and when I got home it just relaxed my nerves and removed the damn constant verbal chatter in my head.

    The wine I drank cleared up my head, relaxed my nerves and allowed me to work for 3 hours straight (something I haven't done for a long time).

    I think that maybe wine can help studying. I gotta run to the LCBO to pick up some wines.

    Any advice on some budget quality wine (I know it doesn't go hand in hand, but hook a brotha up :)) PS. Budget < $20

  2. Thanks, I appreciate it.

    If you want to start drinking more wine, my suggestion would be to explore. Go out, try as much as you can. Red, white, dry, sweet...everything. Try as many countries and regions as you can, but do it in a focussed way.

    For example: Try only French wines for a month. Then try Italian the next. Then Californian. Then Australian, and so on. You'll get a better sense of each region that way, and you'll discover which wines you like the most.

    All the wines I've been writing about recently are under $20. No lie. I'm not really in a position right now to be drinking a lot anyways. I believe, firmly, that price has little bearing on actual quality.

    So that's my advice - go out to LCBO, look in the Vintages section, and try stuff you find interesting. Everyone's palate is unique, so what I like may not correspond to your tastes. Lol, just stay away from the under $10 shit.