Monday, October 13, 2008


This was one of the wines I pulled out of my cellar on Friday. 2005 Roux Pere & Fils "Sous La Roche", AC Santenay.

Havn't drank white Burgundy in a long time, but thought it would pair well with the richness of my shellfish dishes.

It did go well. On it's own, this isn't the type of wine I like. Too rich and buttery. However, complemented the sauces I made for my clams quite well. The wine was golden yellow, with a mineral nose I found to be quite similar to the Lailey chardonnay we tasted out of barrel. A bit too heavy on the palate though - it has this lumpy texture in the mouth I found off-putting. Bitter citrus finish, with decent freshness. I've had this wine for about 2 years under sometimes questionable storage - not to say that this wine was damaged in any way.

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