Saturday, October 18, 2008

Temporary change

F*ck it. From now until the US election, we're talking politics.

You know what's glaringly missing from this election campaign? From both sides? Talk about the war. How the f*ck is the US going to extract itself from this mess.

No one wants to touch it. The farthest both will go is adamently insist that they're not Bush, that they have different policies, and that they'll do better.

Healthcare, income tax, ideologies.....those are all f*cking fluff issues. When are we going to see a statesman with the balls and courage to face up to what's challenging, instead of always being politically correct? F*ck political correctness when you're in the middle of a war, that's hemorrhaging money by the billions a month. Thats what's killing your economy. Stop prancing around and calling yourself a patriot. You're not a f*cking patriot. End this war and then we can start talking about how much you love your country.

When is the US, and its politicians going to learn that true leaders need to have an international outlook, a respect for diplomacy, and good knowledge of history. Kissinger may have been crafty and shady, but he got the job done. When is the US going to stop sticking its head up other people's asses and start solving it's own domestic problems first. But I guess that's the American way.

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