Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Finally, LCBO has joined the rest of the civilized world and gone online.

They're launching a new website, called VINTAGES Online Exclusives. It's an exclusive group of wines that you can order online, and have shipped to an LCBO store. They follow a monthly release that's not available anywhere else. Interesting...I'm excited to see what the wines are like. Next release is November 12.

Now, if only the nuts in head office will put the entire VINTAGES system online...
And look at the email they sent me when I registered:
Bienvenue à la Boutique en ligne de VINTAGES. Votre compte est ouvert. Vous pouvez maintenant acheter des produits.Veuillez ne pas répondre à ce courriel envoyé automatiquement.
I thought I registered on the English page. Oh well....after all, I do have a little European in me.

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