Friday, October 3, 2008

Why is LCBO so old?

Why, LCBO? Why do you refuse to use technology? Why do you insist on serving your valued Vintages customers in such an outdated, inefficient, and lousy manner? Why?

I've been a Vintages customer at LCBO for years. I try to buy some Bordeaux futures every year, I order regularly from their Classics Catalogue and their online offers. But I always feel like I'm jumping through hoops to place an order. It's getting tiring and ridiculous. I feel like it's 1992 again.

Let me run you through how to place an order with Vintages:
You flip through the catalogue, and find the product you want.
Record the LCBO# and name.
Go on the Vintages website and find the page that has the offer.
Download an Excel order form.
Fill out the order form, with product name, LCBO#, Aeromiles#, but leave out your credit card info - not secure over email.
Send the form through email as an attachment.
Wait a few days for someone from Vintages to call you, to confirm your credit card info.
Wait a few weeks, or up to a few months to receive your receipt. I'm still waiting for receipts for my 2006 Bordeaux futures order, modified this Spring.
50% of the order will be charged, as a deposit.
Wait another few months, 6 at least, to receive a confirmation notice that the product is in their warehouses.
Call Vintages sales center to confirm the confirmation notice, and tell them to charge the other 50% of the order. Tell them which LCBO store you want it delivered to.
Wait another few weeks to receive a pickup notice from the LCBO store, telling you it's been shipped.
Wait up to 10 days for the LCBO store to call you, to tell you that the product has arrived in stores.
Finally, you can go pick up your damn wines.

So, if this isn't jumping through f*cking flaming hoops, I don't know what is. I don't understand all the calling nonsense. Why can't you set up a website where you can order securely online, like Chapters or any other retail store? We should also be able to track our orders online, instead of having to wait without any news at home. And all these confirmations are just ridiculous. This system is obsolete and tired, like my Seagull camera:

Listen, I like the Vintages sales people. Everyone's been nothing but polite and courteous. And the people at Bayview Village really take care of their Vintages customers. I don't understand, if LCBO keeps boasting about all this growth in sales, why they can't spend some money to set up a secure, online system. It's not just wrinkly, pasty, old white men buying from Vintages you know!

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