Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wish list

Before I rush out to the LCBO, I have to keep reminding myself that while the mind is willing to give up food for wine, the body is not. I have gladly given up buying clothing for wine - what else can I save on then?

It's been months since I've bought wine to drink. Everything I've bought has been to put away, which lessens the guilt I feel everytime I walk into Bayview Village. I'm investing for the future, and so when I do open the bottles, the cost has been written off. It's a perfect situation - I derive utility from eventually opening and enjoying each bottle, and unlike every other form of capital, I also derive utility now from putting the bottles away. Win-win-win situation because if I don't buy wine, I know I'll piss it on something stupid.

Anyways - there's a bottle of Chinon that looks interesting, as well as a Cahors, which I always try to buy. Some interesting ports as well. Having this much choice is a curse...and I blame my parents for it. If they started getting into wine just 10 years ago, in the 90's, I could be drinking mature clarets and other fascinating wines, instead of having to build everything up from nothing.

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  1. bought a bottle of wine to drink.. are you free fri night? txt/call