Friday, October 31, 2008

Zoom zoom

Beautiful day outside...warm too.

Just rushed out to Bayview Village, rushed back with 4 wines that should be very interesting. A Chinon, Cahors, Cote de Brouilly, and Tokaji. Had a conversation with one of the guys there, Colin. Awfully nice guy, fairly new at Bayview Village too. Great memory as well - remembers me every time. Talked a bit about the new store at Avenue Rd. Definitely will have to visit and see for myself.

My neighbours must think I've given up job searching and am completely living off my parents now. I don't blame them - it's awkward for me as well.

I'll be drinking some things tonight, and I'm having some friends over tomorrow, so I'll have interesting wines to write about soon.


2:38pm: I just booked my CSC Book 1 exam on Nov 25, at 2pm. Need to get back into study mode. A few all-nighters will get me into the rhythm again.


Shit...gas prices at 90.2 today. Where were these prices when I was still driving in and out of Waterloo every week?

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