Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dammit man...

I hate it when people write on my fogged up car windows. When there's condensation, all it takes is some a/c to make it disappear. It's not an invitation to f*cking write out some lame message or to start f*cking drawing. People don't understand that once you draw on window condensation, it stays there - I'll always see this outline whenever the f*cking window fogs up. Which is often, now that it's winter. Now I'll have to get the Windex bottle to clean this shit up.

When you sit in someone's car, you respect the car. Because if you don't respect my car, then you won't earn my respect. Keep your f*cking fingers to your damn self and leave my car alone. F*CK, is that concept so hard to understand!?

There. Just had to get that shit off my chest. I feel better now. I apologize for cursing. But if it happens again I swear I'm going to lose my f*cking mind. Write on my foggy windows again and I'll toss you out at 80 km/h.

1 comment:

  1. i can't agree more
    i hate it when people write on my windows...i curse on the spot