Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dinner tmr

Went out to the grocery store today, got some great seafood for dinner tomorrow. Snails.

Snails are a great Southern Chinese delicacy. But they have to be fresh. Sautee them with some green onion, oyster sauce, black bean sauce.....and you've got yourself an absolutely delicious dish.

Another dish I'm looking
forward to - sea cucumber braised in chicken stock, left to simmer for an hour or so, and sprinkled with shrimp roe. An amazingly delicate, subtle flavour with an absolutely incredible texture.

What wine are we having? A Chinon, of course. I could care less if it goes together - I've been aching for a Loire wine, and tomorrow's the night!

Here are both ingredients, in preparation. The snails are being prepared in a traditional, Shanghainese way - you place them in cold water, with a touch of vegetable oil, to purify. The sea cucumber's been soaking fore more than a week. They start off dry and hard, the size of small pickles. Once fully soaked, they get to about 3 times the size, and quite soft. Cleaning is tough, but you pressure cook them, and they come out tender.

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