Sunday, November 23, 2008


Just watched the Raptors get blown out again by the Celtics. Who's as disgusted with this team as I am? There was so much optimism at the start of the season about how this team was one of the stronger ones in the East, but they've been exposed as nothing more than a bunch of soft pushovers, with poor defense and poorer fighting spirit.

Colangelo took a gamble, and it's an obvious failure. This team is shallower than a f*cking 6 year old's wading pool. I just get so pissed seeing opponent after opponent abusing the Raptors in the paint. At what point do players start thinking - this is starting to get ridiculous and the next man who drives into the paint is ending up on his ass.......

50 wins this year? I'll be surprised if this team is sub-500. We're glorious in our mediocrity.

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  1. I'm going to say this like I say to everyone else: Mitchell's got to go.

    Kapono - one of the best three point shooters, if not the best three point shooter, is not getting good looks and open shots and plays drawn for him.

    The typical swing play that ends up with Parker curling has been read by the other team so many times that Parker's shot is jacked up.

    Bosh is forced to make 40pt games and STILL is losing.

    Bargs is developing well - but clearly that's the work of his freestyling and persistence, not of the coach.

    We keep breaking down in the 3rd and 4th quarters, giving up double digit leads.

    Our team is a strong team, we have really, REALLY, great players. The problem is that our coach does not know how to put these guys together and use them to their best abilities.

    Even Smitch knows this: every game we lose - he says, "the other team made more shots" or "we just have to bounce back from this disappointment."

    In other words, he's saying we did our best and still lost. Meaning that in Sam's eyes, this is what he dreamed of for the Raps and sub-500 is where it's at.

    Therefore, replace the coach please.

    And I was never on the fire Sam bandwagon in the past years - our team really did suck and I believed in him.

    Now that our team's good and we're still losing - there's only one person to blame.