Sunday, November 16, 2008


Anyone who has a hobby they're really intense and impassioned about will understand this. They'll understand the sometimes irrational attention we lavish on our hobbies, investing time, finances, and emotional capital.

I love wine. Have I made that clear enough? It's this pervasive, consuming passion to not only read and learn about it, but to taste and experience all that the wine world has to offer. I know I'm a bore - get me started on wine, and I can go on and on about such fascinating topics as soil composition, fermentation techniques, and the merits of different types of wine glasses. I can sit and stare at my wines (above photo) for hours - no lie.

What is it about wine? I don't think
I can answer that, to be truthful. I've had fleeting fascinations with a wide variety of things - Chinese art and calligraphy, guitar, illustrating, interior design, clothing........but these things have come and gone. Of course, I still maintain an interest, but nothing more than dabbling. Wine has become a constant, a dominating subject matter that I want to cultivate. I want to be known not as the "wine guy" but someone able to spread wine's joy and pleasure.

Is that good justification for my
wine spending?


  1. it what you like

    i think you've inspired me to write an entry

  2. At least it's not a gambling addiction. Lol, or a porn addiction.