Monday, November 10, 2008

Injured for wine

Almost rear-ended this guy, almost got side-swiped by another was not a smooth day.

The story is this - I wanted a bottle of Sauternes so bad I was willing to place myself and my Civic in harms way. This release featured a 2005 Sauternes that I really wanted. Bayview didn't have it, and the people at Fairview Mall told me some jackass already bought all 24 bottles of it.

But....checked today, and Fairview's inventory still shows 24. So, decided to try my luck, and went there again. Almost got into 2 serious accidents on the 404, scared the shit out of me, and I am never taking the 404 again during rush hour. Made it to Fairview a little shaken, but unscathed. I feel bad for the driver in front of the guy I almost hit. The guy blared his horn at me as I sped past him. The guy in front didn't know what hit him.

Anyways, went to Fairview, couldn't find the damn wines. They check their inventory, indeed it says 24 bottles. So, they go back and forth, until 20 min later, they tell me that some jacksass placed all 24 bottles on hold, but didn't come and get them. Guess what? Some jackass out there now has a case and 9 bottles of Sauternes. That's what you get for being tardy.

Got my wine, came away without a scratch - all in all, a fine day! 2005 Ch. Suau, AC Sauternes, Deuxieme Grand Cru Classe.

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