Saturday, November 29, 2008


I drank an absolutely delicious, well-matured sparkling wine last night, from Vouvray. So round, so honest.

Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to be drinking, the night before a blood test. Oh well.

Made up a spreadsheet, charting my wine spending. Not looking good, when you add up all the numbers. Not good at all.

Maturity in all things, wine and finances, is a virtue. Sparkling wine is lovely in its youthful effervescence, its racy acidity, and its lively mousse. But with some age, it puts on some weight, and presence. It's this quality that makes fine sparkling wine worth aging. Oh how I wish I had more bottles of this Vouvray!

That's why I put so much Champagne away. I absolutely love Champagne, but especially when it settles down a little. Bubbles are the most amazing phenomenon in wine, but they're experienced the best in the mouth, not by the eyes. That's why a fine mousse is so prized - you don't necessarily have to see the bubbles, but the way they tickle your palate is the sexiest sensation in wine drinking.

Mature Champagne deepens in colour, becoming more and more golden. The mousse settles down, perceptible only in the mouth. The texture and aromas takes on an amazing roundness in the mouth. One of the most sensational wine experiences.

If you really want to get an expert opinion on the virtues of Champagne, visit this blog. I greatly admire this writer, not only in her taste but her writing as well.

I've made up a spreadsheet, documenting my wine purchases going back 3 years. I've noticed something interesting - the average price per bottle has remained quite constant. It's just the totals that've jumped. And something really disturbing has happened. My wine buys from May to October have been very low - the lowest it's been since late 2006. But November? I've bought more wine in that month than the last 4 months combined. Disturbing, and something I need to keep under control.

My Bordeaux En Primeur has been a different story. I paid less for my 2007's than my 2006 order, even though there's more bottles in the 2007 order. Interesting. And average prices for my 2007 wines are the lowest in 3 years.

It's a process. Maturity in managing my finances is going to take a while. But like my Champagnes, it'll happen eventually.

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