Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Over and above

Normally, I'm satisfied with LCBO Vintages sales staff. They've always been polite to me, and made me feel like a valued customer. Well - customer service analysis is kind of what I do.

But this one guy really went above and beyond what anyone else has done. Remember those Bordeaux futures receipts I have yet to receive? Well, I called in again and we talked for a bit. Turns out one hasn't even been printed and one seems to be lost in the mail. So that lady that told me she'd send out a double order for my receipts? Kind of talking out of your ass, no?

Anywyas, this gentleman said he'll send out an order for another print, and he'll email me something. Turns out he emailed me a copy of my order, something that the sales staff see on their systems. He had to print it out, black out the credit card info, scan it into a .pdf file, and then email it to me as an attachment. That, boys and girls, is what you call customer service.

Now, I don't even give a shit whether they mail the receipts to me or not. I have evidence, on paper, that my order is in their system. That's all I really wanted to know, anyways.

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