Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President Barack Obama

Wow. This has really been the most exciting election I've ever seen, and I'm glad to have witnessed history being made.

America showed everyone that it holds its founding values to be true. That everyone has equal opportunity to achieve anything. America proved that it is as progressive as it claims to be.

I have nothing but the highest respect for what Obama's accomplished - but now comes reality. He's won the election, but in a sense, he hasn't done anything yet. Let's judge his presidency beyond the fact that he's the first black President and whether he's able to bring the change that he's promised over the last 21 months.

Americans sent a clear message tonight - people are fed up with Republican bullshit, and there needs to be a new direction for the country. Bush's policies and misguided, ignorant ideology has led the country down a dead end that'll take several terms to correct. The Democrats now own the Presidency, the House, and the Senate. I'm excited for the future. After all, things can only go up from here.

Economics is a priority but international diplomacy is crucial. Obama has to learn from Bill Clinton and understand that with all the shit that America's stuck in now, the answer isn't more firepower. You can continue bombing the bloody hell out of Iraq and Afghanistan, but that won't accomplish anything. You have to use those two areas as leverage, to force other Middle Eastern countries to manage the situation. Let the area govern itself, while at the same time holding itself accountable to the international community. That means keeping the f*cking terrorists out and supporting the peace. The place is a f*cking desert already. More bombing just makes the grains of sand finer. Obama needs to return to diplomacy, while using military strength as leverage. Realpolitick, folks. True bargaining strength is in the appearance of overwhelming power - NOT the actual use of it.

It's not just about being a black President. It's about a completely new direction to take the country in. There's so much that needs to be fixing. So far, Obama's only proven that his policies appeal to voters - the test now is to see how much of what he's spoken about is feasible, and how much of it is he actually willing to implement.

I've witnessed history tonight. The White House isn't so white anymore. That's a great thing. Democracy at its finest.

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