Sunday, November 16, 2008


In economics, there's always tradeoffs. Do I buy a Lacoste peacoat for $450, or do I buy some great wines from this release? There shouldn't be a debate about this right?

The coat was nice, it was grey, and it was my dear Lacoste. But then, I've changed my clothing buying habit dramatically the last 3 years. Substitution, my friends. Transfer all that spending over to wine. After all - you'll never outgrow the wines you love.

This release is a blockbuster. And these 2005 Bordeaux couldn't have come at a better time. A lot of second wines from great estates, and some great regions. Looking forward to stocking up on this vintage, so I'll have a steady supply to enjoy in the years to come. I'll live frugally now - trading off consumption now for greater utility in the future. But then again, I've talked about this before. Just buying wine and building up my cellar gives me utility now.

So, coat or wine? No argument, no debate. Is there?

That Wusthof chef's knife though, is a different story. You always need a great chef's knife.


  1. i've also given up (for the most part) spending on clothing to save up for more gear.

    my wish list has accumilated to about ~4.5k in spendings if I bought everything..but hey..who's counting...

  2. lol. As long as we're not naked. And as long as we're not doing unspeakable things to finance these purchases.

    But at least it's easy to hide your equipment, relatively speaking. I have to keep my bottles in the car and wait until it's dark before I sneak it into the house. I'm getting quite good at smuggling.