Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vinum Regnum, Rex Vinorum

Wine of kings, King of wines.

Tokaji, of Hungary. I don't have any experience with this wine, so I was very excited to open this bottle. What's fascinating about these wines is of course, the history, but also the fact that there is a classification system which lists the amount of residual sugar. I bought a 4 Puttonyos wine - this on a scale from 3 to 6. 4 is sort of a nice in between in terms of richness.

2001 Tokaj Kereskedohaz Tokaji Aszu 4 Puttonyos. As you can see from above, it has a beautiful amber colour, great saturation. Lovely aromas of dried fruits, dried red dates, mineral. Lean on the mouth though - this has about the same amount of sugar as Sauternes, but tastes nowhere as sweet. Acidity is bracing - that's what's covering up the sugar. Refreshing, perfect with fruit. A delicious wine, but still lacking. I'll stick to my Sauternes.

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