Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Why, LCBO?

Why do you keep tormenting me? As if two releases a month wasn't enough, you now release twice for VintagesOnline as well? I now have to go through a release every week, featuring different wines, which prices ever-escalating. Why? Add on Classics offers, Futures, and special offers, and the only way I'll keep my finances intact is if I never go online again. I'll end up homeless, but then again, what kind of bum will have a cellar like mine?

I figured out something. Today, of course, is a release day for VintagesOnline. If you try to order something on the day of a release, the website won't work. The prices are never right, and it crashes on you the moment you click on payment.

Wait..........didn't I promise to somewhat control my wine spending? After all that business with the 2005 Bordeaux? What can I say - I go weak at the knees for wine, just like I do for that gorgeous, thin, genteel, brunette Mediterranean girl who worked at Waterloo's ML cafe, who always smiled at me and called me sir. Sweetheart, you're the best memory I have of food at Waterloo.

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