Sunday, December 14, 2008

1981 Port

Ahh, at last, the 1981 Kopke Colheita Port. I've been waiting for this beauty since I finished the 1980. We had this for desert, with red bean paste pastries, covered in sesame seed and fried. Perfectly complementary.

This one has a much tighter, restrained nose than the 1980. Same colour - a beautiful, lustrous amber. Caramel and wafer characters on the nose, but clearly not as relaxed. Tense. On the palate, the acidity balances the sweetness wonderfully. Sweet and pleasing, but not cloying. Becomes more simple - you definitely taste the brandy more. Harsher towards the finish.

I suspect this wine just needs some time. I love this lighter style of port. Perfect end to a lovely meal.

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