Saturday, December 13, 2008

1996 Medoc

I love these finds - older wine releases at relatively good prices. This bottle, 1996 Chateau La Gorce, AC Medoc Cru Bourgeois, was about $21. It's just hard to find 12 year old clarets at these kinds of prices.

Cork looked great, as you can see. Clean, no seepage. Wine is starting to brown a bit, but keeping its saturation. Nose was powerful, but overoaked - a flaw no doubt exacerbated by time. Nice ripe berries, but so much vanilla and creaminess from the barriques that it loses so much of its regional qualities. This is a lean wine, and the acidity throws the balance off.

I'm disappointed. If I wanted to taste an overoaked cabernet, I would have gone for American. If you like wood, become a carpenter. Keep that nonsense out of wine.

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