Sunday, December 14, 2008

1999 Medoc

This is the second bottle of older Medoc wine I've had in as many days. 1999 Chateau Potensac, AC Medoc. This one I was the most worried about - I've had it since December 2006, and over these 2 years, I'm ashamed to say that it hasn't been kept under the most ideal conditions. Aside from heat and light, it's been constantly moved, and who knows how long it was sitting on LCBO shelved before I bought it.

JC knew about this wine - he mentioned he has a few bottles of the 2000 millesime. Again, a deep, dark colour. This one has a hotter nose. Lots of dark berries, meaty aromas, and a minerally graphite character. Instantly recognizable claret. Leaner on the palate, but with good acidity and more integrated tannins. Lovely - not damaged in any way, and just drinking beautifully.

I enjoyed this wine immensely. Not just because of how delicious the wine was, but because this was one of the first Bordeaux wines I bought, when I first started being serious about my hobby. It's only fitting that I drink it with JC and my other guests.

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